Complete Residential & Commercial Solar Solutions

Bright solar streetlight system comes complete with a self-contained solar power assembly sized to run the specified solar light fixture as per the requirements set by our customer. Our team designs each solar LED streetlight system based on how much power the fixture consumes and the available sunlight provided by the geographical location of installation. The battery backup provides a minimum of five days of autonomy for extended battery life and considers local weather conditions.

“Solar street lights harness sunlight for sustainable and cost-efficient street illumination. They are environmentally friendly, low-maintenance, and operate independently of the main power grid. With smart technology integration and enhanced safety features, solar streetlights contribute to community resilience”. 

Solar power assemblies range from 30 Watts to 550 Watts, and battery assemblies are available from 36 Amp-hours to 672-Amp hours. The complete solar street light system comes with a controller to operate the light fixtures per the specified operation profile, which is set up with the solar specialist during project analysis. The solar and battery are selected to operate the load for the set period of time with plenty of backup power for times of inclement weather. Solar streetlights offer renewable, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly lighting. They operate off-grid, minimizing infrastructure costs, with automatic dusk-to-dawn lighting and low maintenance. Their adaptability, scalability, and potential government incentives make them a compelling choice.

Various commercial solar-powered LED street light fixture styles are available, from standard Cobrahead fixtures to architectural style fixtures. Each solar LED streetlight fixture provides the needed lighting levels and distribution pattern to provide the perfect lighting solution to meet the application’s requirements. Some solar streetlight fixtures feature Dark Sky, FWC, and Turtle Friendly options.

Features & Benefits

  • Grid-free solar lighting for streets and roadways
  • Lower costs for installation and zero electricity bills
  • Multiple control options for various needs
  • 5 years maintenance-free and warranty up to 25 years
  • Rated to meet local AASHTO ratings
  • Made in the USA in Stuart, FL