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Bright Solar Solutions is a vibrant technology renewable energy business solution bringer in the field of solar power, offering extensive wide gamut of project management consultancy services to provide maximum customer satisfaction and stands as the best solar company from Hyderabad.
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More and more house owners around the world are opting to install residential solar power systems. Their motivation is to save money
Solar water heaters -- sometimes called solar domestic hot water systems -- can be a cost-effective way to generate hot water hot water for your home.
Traditional street lights are being replaced by fancy street lights with advanced features such as motion sensors and specific spotlighting
Solar fencing is the modern-day alternative to traditional perimeter protection. These are active fences that punish unwelcome...
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Innovation is the need of the hour, and our research team lives up to the challenge and thinks out of the box to come up with new radical ideas. Our professionals educate the people and companies on the effective use of the free solar energy in their homes or industries.

It was launched with the motive of preserving the environment and offering solar energy products at affordable prices to the public.

For Controling Your Energy Production

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For Controling Your Energy Production

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For Controling Your Energy Production

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    Vijetha Reddy


    Bright Solar Solutions, established in July 2020, specialized in Installation of Residential Solar Rooftops in addition to commercial and industrial rooftops. We also support various other solar products like Solar Water Heaters, Solar Street Lights, and Solar Power fencing systems.

    Our professionals educate individuals andbusiness people on how to effectively use free solar energy in their homes or businesses. We also offer our clients custom designed solar systems to suit special requirements of aesthetic decoration or space. Special requirements could be solar canopies on roofs, covered parking spaces, covered walkways, bus shelters etc. Depending on the requirements Bright Solar Solutions can design and install both grid tied as well as stand- alone systems. We maintain a dedicated staff of engineers, service technicians and clean energy advocates to handle all your Renewable Energy needs. With a focus on trust, professionalism and quality services, Bright Solar Solutions continuously strives to uphold its reputation as an industry leader and pioneer in the field of maintenance services

    I feel glad to serve the economy of our country in the renewable energy field and want to continue improving in the future. I wish for more development in this field and want to build a better future for the next coming generations. I thank all my friends and family who trusted me, gave me confidence and have been my constant support system during the tough times”.

    Bright Solar Solutions is not just a solar power installation company; it’s a movement towards a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable tomorrow. Also, it is not just about solar panels; it’s about a commitment to preserving our planet for generations to come.
    Our commitment goes beyond harnessing the power of the sun; it extends to empowering individuals, businesses, and communities to be stewards of energy conservation.

    Currently running this Bright Solar Solutions business with my partners and mentors. With quality and affordability as motto, we are expanding our Solar Integration business in both Telugu states and also got an opportunity to offer our services in Bangalore City by providing Solar Rooftop panels to 35 Schools & UPHC and continue to forward at a higher pace.
    We would like to have greater visibility to excel our Bright Solar Solutions brand and also encourage citizens towards the Cost Saving & Pollution free Renewable Energy Solutions. We are ready to offer our Bright Solar Solutions services across the India with quality output in reasonable budget.

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